MRZ Detection

PresentID MRZ Detection API localizes and recognizes Machine Readable Zone / Travel Documents (MRZ / MRTD) from a single input image.
Use Cases
Digital banking app
Online Payment apps
NeoBanking apps


You don't need to adjust the camera/image to define a Region Of Interest (ROI)
High accuracy in states that MRZ lines are small, far away, blurred, partially occluded, skewed or slanted
Support all MRZ types (Travel Documents 1/2/3, MRVA, MRVB...) regardless the font, content, shape or country
Run at less than 1 second on Core i7-6700 device
Support IOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices.
Easy integration with your app.
Rules & Restrictions
Send data via Base64 or an image URL or an image file.
Image size should not exceed 8 MB.
Also, the images should not be larger than 5000 pixels and smaller than 50 pixels.

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Try another image
    "header": {
        "type": "TD3",
        "type_label": "Passport",
        "text": "PAISLAEVARSDOTTIR<<THURIDUR<OESP<<<<<<<<<<<<\nA3536444<7ISL1212123<3103108121212<1239<<<68",
        "box": {
            "bottomLeftX": "317",
            "bottomLeftY": "1664",
            "bottomRightX": "2707",
            "bottomRightY": "1860",
            "topLeftX": "316",
            "topLeftY": "1664",
            "topRightX": "2707",
            "topRightY": "1657"
    "fields": {
        "surname": "AEVARSDOTTIR",
        "name": "THURIDUR OESP",
        "country": "ISL",
        "country_english": "Iceland",
        "country_native": "Ísland",
        "country_2letters": "IS",
        "nationality": "ISL",
        "nationality_english": "Iceland",
        "nationality_native": "Ísland",
        "nationality_2letters": "IS",
        "birth_date": "121212",
        "expiry_date": "310310",
        "sex": "<",
        "sex_label": "unknown",
        "document_type": "PA",
        "document_number": "A3536444",
        "optional_data": "121212<1239",
        "birth_date_hash": "3",
        "expiry_date_hash": "8",
        "document_number_hash": "7",
        "optional_data_hash": "6",
        "optional_data_2": ""

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