PresentID in IDENTITY WEEK 2022

PresentID will be at Identity week 2022 28-29 June in London. Come to visit us at our booth there.

28-29 June
Excel, London

How it works?

How does our unique 3-way authentication platform work?

Normally, the high standard platforms of authentication use 2-way authentication systems. To make it more compatible in the markets, we added new ways of authentication to the previous methods, to make it even more safe and secure. Figure out how our French AI platform works.

This is a simple schema of the way our platform works:

1- User is registered in the system* using Face + Voice
2- User uploads Personal ID Card in first login
3- Data is extracted
4- A Velfie (Video selfie) is taken by user, checked by Face Live Detection.
5- To double check, the result compares to the ID photo
6- User records a randomly shown message, to be double checked with the registered voice, by PresentID's Speaker Verification.
7- Our Speech Recognition double checks the validity of the user.
8- As soon as confirming the validation of all data, the user is registered successfully.

*a large variety of IT based systems including payment applications, attendance devices, online security platform etc. are at the list of our potential clients. Our platform can be performed in all digital (Online & Offline) devices and does not related to the type of OS.