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Multimodal biometrics to combat online fraud. Protect your customer’s safety, convenience, and health

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Remote ID authentication is particularly important these days and digital fraudsters have increased cyber-attacks during a global pandemic. We provide a seamless remote user ID verification solution through the combination of our built-in house technologies including ID Card OCR+Face liveness detection+voice verification+Eye tracking to get the highest accuracy on detecting fraud.

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Face Liveness Detection

PresentID Facial liveness detection can recognize the person in front of the video is real or fake. It can detect if the user is physically present and prevents masks,photos, or video deepfakes to fool the system.We use convolutional neural network (CNN) deep learning algorithms to prevent fraud. We use combination of biometric authentication algorithms such as face, voice, Eye , head detection & tracking to have a highest accuracy to prevent fraud.

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Speaker Verification

To keep the authentication in a top secure level, on the third part we ask the user to read a randomly shown passage. Comparing the last voice to the new one, our platform can highly confirm if the person is exactly the right user.

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ID Verification, Seamlessly and Remote Multimodal biometrics to combat online fraud.

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