Mobility service

Mobility service

PresentID acts to establish the true identity of users whose business is offering cars, scooters, bikes or electric scooters for rental. To protect them from theft, attempted fraud or account theft, it is important to ensure the identity of customers before leaving them the keys or boarding a new passenger. PresentID's identity verification and authentication solutions use artificial intelligence to determine the true identity of users and detect the living to enable companies providing mobility services to:

Increase the number of account openings

Detect and deter online fraud and account theft

Attract customers with a smooth customer journey

Car sharing
Ensuring passenger safety by verifying that the person driving is who they say they are. Thanks to PresentID, ridesharing services can regularly check the identity of drivers
Car manufacturers
Protection of the online fleet and ecosystem (vehicle-connected Applications), by verifying the identity of people creating online accounts
Car rental
Quickly pick up vehicles without queuing at the branch. Rental agencies can quickly and securely authenticate their customers to unlock their vehicles
Micro mobility
Very fast account opening for people already ready to ride a scooter, bike, or electric scooter

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