Face Enroll

PresentID Face Enroll API allows you to register your users for future authentication. This API stores two image files along with the user's personal information. Before saving, it is checked whether these two images belong to the one person or not so allows you to authenticate your user face image and personID.

Use Cases
Attendance systems
Dating websites
Digital banking
Visitor identification
Expedited service
Access management
Public safety
Fraud prevention
Know your customer

Ability & Potentials

Accuracy is %99.76 on the LFW face verification dataset, a very popular benchmark.
Less than 1500 milliseconds processing time.
Support IOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices.
Easy integration with your app.

Rules & Restrictions
Send data via Base64 or an image URL or an image file.
Image size should not exceed 8 MB.
Also, the images should not be larger than 5000 pixels and smaller than 50 pixels.

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