Use cases

Use cases

Corporate payroll and attendance management

Since individuals always carry their face and voice with them, organizations are beginning to invest in biometric technologies to manage employee identities and track their attendance instead of using cards or badges. Thus, the management of employees, labor and other people become more and more efficient and accurate.

  • Tracks attendance, prevents time theft and reduces fraudulent behavior.
  • Enables automated hours calculation, reducing paper waste and time spent on manual reconciliation of attendance data.
  • Provides physical access to company buildings and logical access to resources such as computers and other business systems.
  • Increases productivity and encourages accountability by creating a concrete audit trail of transactions.
  • Replaces plastic ID cards, eliminates resources associated with their production.

Remote access and home office authentication

Remote access authentication is crucial. Access to sensitive company resources must be secured with higher levels of assurance. Businesses can certainly use facial biometrics to verify identities without significant overhead costs or investment in its infrastructure

User integration

Using biometric verification allows people to quickly open their account through an onboarding process popular with users and hated by fraudsters. Identity verification ensures that the person opening an account is who they claim to be, and not a criminal using stolen identity data.

It's important to streamline the digital onboarding experience. Using biometric identity verification can increase and secure new account conversions.

Call center performance

Call center agents must authenticate caller identity before engaging with customer. Sometimes the process recurs when calls are escalated, testing customer patience and reducing satisfaction with service quality. Implementing voice biometrics systems in call centers can reduce call times, eliminate friction and reduce costs. No more repetitive security questions.

Pay by voice

With the voice-enabled smart home and other IoT devices, businesses can leverage voice biometrics to quickly personalize interactions and authenticate users for secure access and payment transactions.

Mobile payments

Adding biometrics to mobile payments dramatically improves security without adding friction to the process. For example, facial recognition combined with liveness detection to prevent spoofing attacks is a safe and convenient way for users to authenticate.

Pay by face

The use of facial biometrics and presence detection eliminates the need for cash, cards and even phones. Retail systems that include vending machines and self-service kiosks could incorporate facial biometric payment technology. The many benefits include reduced contact for staff and customers, increased profitability and fewer checkout queues.

Online exam and online learning

Regardless of where and how you teach, biometric identity verification provides a reliable way to verify the physical presence of the enrolled remote learner. Through facial recognition, learners are linked to their natural identity, making online learning and exams safer and easier to use. When it's time to take an exam, to prevent cheating, identity verification verifies who is actually taking the test.

Self-service car rental

In terms of insurance, companies offering car rentals must ensure that the person picking up the car is the licensed driver. Biometric ownership verification of ID or driver's license is required to clarify who is actually renting the car. By simply submitting a photo of id/passport/driver's license and taking a selfie, the user's presence and ownership of the document can be determined in real time. On the one hand, PresentID helps rental companies quickly and securely authenticate their customers and on the other hand, it helps their customers to quickly pick up vehicles without having to queue at the branch and unlock their vehicles. Just with a quick selfie.

Self-service scooters and bikes

PresentID makes it possible to open accounts and use these urban means of transport very quickly and with a secure financial transaction for the renters.

Car sharing

Thanks to PresentID, car-sharing companies can instantly verify the identity of drivers. By verifying that the person driving is who they claim to be, the safety of passengers is ensured.

Financial data and identity protection

Banks and financial institutions gain substantial benefits by implementing biometric technology. Banks need to protect customer financial data and provide safe and easy transactions for customers. By utilizing biometric technology, customers can easily and securely access services at bank branches.

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