Telecom services

PresentID enables these businesses to build subscriptions faster, prevent sim card swap fraud, and meet increasingly stringent compliance standards.

Telecom services

PresentID helps eliminate sim card hacking fraud and protect subscriber identity. For example, PresentID's facial recognition authentication and identity verification solutions help ensure that phone numbers are only transferred to legitimate account owners. Concretely, PresentID allows to:

Sim card swap fraud prevention

Verify customer identity for prepaid accounts

Provide better in-store customer service

Fraudulent sim card swapping or hacking
Protect subscribers by leveraging biometric authentication to help call center staff distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent requests, allowing them to securely assess the subscriber's digital identity.
Credit card processing
Reduce remote payment fraud by verifying customer identity and ensuring that the person holding the credit card is the right person.
New account integration
Simplify the remote onboarding process by allowing customers to create new accounts anytime, anywhere with built-in identity verification to reduce online abandonment and increase subscribers.
Login protection
Protects online accounts in the subscriber database against account takeover through biometric authentication, ensuring that the person who logs into their online account is the true owner of the account.
Mobile payment
Instant verification of payment data, customer name and address data.

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