QRCode & Barcode Scanner

PresentID QRCode reader & Barcode scanner API/SDK can scan both QR code and barcode.
Use Cases
Tracking products
Art and pop culture
Tracking food intake


Accuracy 100%.
Less than 1.5 milliseconds.
Types of QRcodes such as contacts, plain text, links, events, etc.
Compatible with most Common barcode standards such as:
• Code 93 • Code 128 • PDF 417 • Data Matrix • EAN-8 • UPC-E • Codabar, etc.
Support IOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices.
Easy integration with your app.
Rules & Restrictions
Send data via Base64 or an image URL or an image file.
Image size should not exceed 8 MB.
Also, the images should not be larger than 5000 pixels and smaller than 50 pixels.

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